Natural Rubber
We import Standard Natural Rubber from Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, with the grade 10, 20, CV and the name are SMR (Standard Malaysian Rubber), STR (Thailand) or SVR (Vietnam)

Smoke Rubber
We import Ribbed Smoke Sheet (RSS) from Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, with RSS1 or RSS3 Grades. It has on pallet (1.200 MT) with 33.33 kg bales or 111.11 Kg without pallet (1.00 MT).

Paper, Paperboard, adhesive paper
We import paper from China and Indonesia, as sheet with 100x70 cm, and 60x90 cm sizes. In addition,we import Duplex Board with gray back and adhesive paper for industries.

Car Parts and Car Care
We import some goods for repairing the Tires and Tubes such as patches, Sealer and inflator, Tire & Tube Cement and glue, Tire Seal String, Tire inner liner, repair kit, etc.

Sport Goods
We import some small sport goods from China, Malaysia, etc. Most of them are Badminton racket, Badminton shuttle, Tennis ball, Volley Ball, and some other things for children.