“SunSeas Business Group” have some companies and department that worked a lonely and absolutely as teamwork. In addition, we registered some brands in different fields and introduce our products as these famous brands to the markets.

"Sunseas Business Group" has an ability that makes a new business and establishes new company with some real persons or companies for mutual goals as joint venture or others. We believe that if we collect more forces, we can improve very quickly.

Nakhil Dates
we are one of the famous and well-known brands among Iranian Dates Exporters and we are supplying high standards in products and services and we announce that we can sell the best products at the most reasonable price.

Green Palm
Green Palm is a name of our new company which is active in exporting Date and Date Products. This company the result of Khorma Bon Jonoob Co as producer and SunSeas Business Group Co as trade company for export to rest of the world.

Albo Company is one of the most reliable dates packaging company in southern Iran. This company by having experienced staff in packaging, washing and fumigating fields of dates has abundant experiences and provided the best products for export to around the world.